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  1. History
  2. Company Ownership
  3. Vision and Mission
  4. Core values


Jeidsam was established in 1998 as a trading company, and was involved in tenders and contract supplies, the company then evolved in 2007 into exporting and importing fresh fruits, vegetables and meat for the expatriate communities and ship chandlers in the West African region, this idea was birth by discussions with some Chandlers who had on-going projects with oil companies in Nigeria. During these discussions, a comprehensive outline of products which could be sourced from South Africa and other Southern African regions that was of interest to the then contacts was drawn. Over the years the company has further evolved into a conglomerate, trading on various other commodities.

In recent times the company has indulged in small scale production of various usable items to empower its locals due to the huge gap existing between imported products and locally produced products in West Africa, this production idea is progressive and spans over various interest in the manufacturing and production field as well as existing and new sectors.


OUR VISION: To be a global business with local interest for improvement of value and living conditions for the everyday person.  

OUR MISSION: Globally relevant and strategically positioned to aid the local person.



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CEO and Founder

Idara McSamuel